Access Realty

2% Commercial Listing

2% Listing Side Commission

You Decide Co-Broker Commission

3% on Dual Agency Transaction

Full Service Listing

Most Commercial Properties Qualify:

Office, Retail, Warehouse, Hospitality,

Multi-Family, RV Parks, Camp Grounds...
We Also List Businesses!

Excellent Service, Excellent Value!

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How It Works:

The 2% listing is a full service listing with all the bells and whistles. You decide what commission you want to offer the co-broker, usually 2%. If Access Realty finds a buyer for the property we will drop the commission by 1% so the total commission paid on the property for a dual agency transaction is 3%. 2% listings are the most cost effective way to sell commercial real estate, potentially saving you tens of thousands of dollars in commission! Call or fill out our contact form to get started.


What’s Included:

Listing Agreement, Addendums and Disclosures

Listed on the MLS

Commercial Syndication Includes: LACDB and Crexi

Pricing Assistance

Listing Maintenance and Changes

Contract Review and Negotiations

Inspections and Appraisal

Closing Coordination

Digital Photos

Professional Signage

Phone and Email Support


Showing Time Appointments

6-Month Listing Agreement

Ongoing Assistance and Support